What you thought
you forgot won’t
be Forgotten
when you have ME!

It’s TIME to get Organized!

Show your customers that you are ultra-prepared for their appointment by having a bag that has everything in it. Pack all your pertinent and GO TO resources in the bag and leave it in your vehicle so you are ALWAYS prepared!

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ME Bag


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About Us


Melinda Peters Elliott has been an Interior Designer for over 30 years. She has had way too many appointments where she would not have what she needs and it was a bad reflection to the client of her business skills. She has been designing and developing the ME Bag for over 10 years. Her persistence finally paid off and she has a patent pending on the bag. She hopes that everyone experiences the feeling of not having worry if they have what they need. It’s there, Its ready! Because of the preparedness, you will find that your sales will increase! Get YOUR ME Bag today!

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